WATCHOUT 6.4 is available now!
This release contains some new features, such as MPCDI-1 and task folders, as well as some fixed issues.
You can now import display and projector calibration data from MPCDI files.
Task folders
Auxiliary timelines can now be grouped and organized into folders in the task window. The order of the timelines affect the stacking order when they are rendered, as it was before. But now also the order of the folders which the tasks are placed in, has an effect on the stacking. The dragging and dropping of tasks to change their order, and also to place them in folders, has been reworked to be more intuitive.
Custom CUE colors
You can now set custom colors on cues, either on different types of cues through the Preferences dialog, or on individual cues in their corresponding dialog.

Read all information in the release notes. here.


The Marketers' guide to projection mapping

Dataton publishes an ebook on projection mapping.
In this book, you'll learn why projection mapping is used to:
* Build brands
* Engage audiences around the world
* Create memorable events
* Increase social media reach
Fill in the form then download the Marketers' Guide to Projection Mapping to find out how and why you should consider using projection mapping in your next event!



This addition to their mediaserver range that Dataton unveiled at ISE2019 is now available for demonstration



At 2017 InfoComm show Dataton unveiled an exciting addition to its range of media players. The WATCHPAX 20 is a robust plug-and play unit that offers two 4K outputs – and fits in your pocket.
Dataton’s range of WATCHPAX media players now consists of three models, all with a cost-effective, built-in WATCHOUT license enabling users to tap into the creative power of the award-winning WATCHOUT multi-display system.

The new WATCHPAX 20 is uniquely portable, with a pocket-size format, 12,5 x 12,5 x 2,5 cm, and VESA compatible for smooth installation. With the image quality available through the dual 4K outputs and trim footprint, WATCHPAX 20 is a perfect fit for museums, corporate installations, video walls and high-end retail applications.
WATCHPAX 20 is ready-tuned and tweaked, keeping setup time to the minimum, making the best of the renowned multi-display WATCHOUT presentation system, which is known for its ease of use.


Dataton training approved for InfoComm CTS Renewal Units

Dataton is pleased to announce its appointment as an official InfoComm International Renewal Unit (RU) Provider. The new classification means more than 10,000 professionals who hold InfoComm’s Certified Technology Specialist credentials now have the opportunity to earn certification renewal units by completing Dataton’s WATCHOUT Academy training program. Dataton’s Academy program focuses on WATCHOUT, the award-winning multi-display system which is widely used in live, broadcast, event and fixed installations. The Academy aims to provide users with a strong set of skills in programming and deploying the system, including an understanding of relevant related technologies. The WATCHOUT Overview will earn attendees with CTS certification 2 RUs, while the WATCHOUT Certified while the WATCHOUT Certified User session gives 6 RUs.

InfoComm International® is the global trade association representing the commercial audiovisual and information communications industries. Established in 1939, InfoComm has more than 5,400 members, representing over 70,000 AV professionals worldwide, including manufacturers, systems integrators, dealers and distributors, independent consultants, programmers, rental and staging companies, end users and multimedia professionals from more than 80 countries. InfoComm International is the leading resource for AV standards, market research and news. Its training, certification and education programs set a standard of excellence for AV professionals. InfoComm International is the founder of InfoComm, the largest annual conference and exhibition for AV buyers and sellers in the Western Hemisphere. InfoComm also produces trade shows in China, Europe, India, Latin America and the Middle East.

Additional information is available at and


WATCHNET 1.4 release

Dataton has released version 1.4 of WATCHNET, network-based software for custom control of WATCHOUT systems!

What’s new:
  • WATCHNET can now connect directly to a WATCHOUT production computer and control it in the same way as a display cluster, using panel items or scripts. This opens up for new working methods – especially in live events!
  • A selection of well-known protocols are now included with the software, making it easier and faster to set up control of external devices. You’ll find the list under “Devices” and it includes protocol commands for PJLink projectors, LG monitors, Barco/Projectiondesign F series projectors.
  • Keep an eye on what's happening in your WATCHOUT show – WATCHNET now displays dynamic text fields showing input values and timeline position.
  • Download the software here.


WATCHPAX 4 is presented

Visitors to Infocomm were first to see the powerful new version of Dataton's award-winning WATCHPAX media player. Engineered for top performance in WATCHOUT shows, WATCHPAX 4 is a dedicated display server with four outputs and preloaded with a WATCHOUT license. Compact, stackable and rugged, WATCHPAX 4 is ready to rock in your multi-display rig, straight out-of-the-box.

During the show, WATCHPAX 4 was selected as a NewBay Media InfoComm 2016 “Best of Show” winner for AV Technology Magazine. The awards recognize new and outstanding products exhibited at InfoComm 16 that solve meaningful problems for tech managers.


WATCHOUT 6.1 release

Dataton WATCHOUT® version 6.1 is released and available for download on
This version contains some new features, as well as optimizations and performance enhancements.

Download the release notes here.


WATCHOUT 6.0.2 release

Dataton released version 6.0.2 of WATCHOUT, which contains some enhancements and bug fixes.

You can download the release notes here.


AV Awards 2015

WATCHOUT 6 has been shortlisted in the AV Awards 2015 for entry in the category “Production Product of the Year”.
The AV Awards are one of the most respected industry award programmes.
The winners will be announced on September 25.


WATCHOUT 6 release

At Infocomm in Orlando Dataton announced the release of Watchout 6.

3D Projector feature for pixel-accurate image mapping. Import and map onto 3D models. Reads common 3D file formats.

New, clean-cut user interface. Designed to be easy on the eye in typically low-light show environments.

Create virtual displays of any shape or resolution onscreen then map pixels to real display outputs, such as LED walls.

Create a realistic simulation of your presentation environment. Pre-visualization with multi-camera views and 3D models as props.

A brief overview of other features in this version:
  • New videocodecs and uncompressed video
  • Live update option
  • Custom blending masks in display
  • Multi-channel audio playback routing
  • Framerate control
  • Renewed Dynamic Image server

See the presentation of the new version here.

Get a quotation for upgrade of your old WATCHOUT dongles here.

Download the new software here.


Preview WATCHOUT 6 at ISE 2015

After three hectic days at ISE, the 2015 show now lies behind us. The Dataton booth was well visited and the general opinion on both the booth design and the presentation of WATCHOUT version 6 was predominantly positive.
WATCHOUT 6 is the most relevant upgrade in the the 15-year history of this world-renowned multi-display and presentation software. Some new features comprise a better workflow for 3d projection mapping, virtual displays and compatibility with even more video formats.

The official release is expected soon. Have you missed ISE and want to have a preview what's coming for yourself? Please contact us for a demonstration.


PLASA 2014

Join Dataton and premium partners Mirage Associates and AVTrade at stand F30. We'll be showcasing WATCHOUT multi-display software, new WATCHNET manager software and the next generation WATCHPAX media player.

Get creative… WATCHOUT multi-display production and playback software works with any type of display and any resolution. Key features include real-time interactivity, support for stereoscopic 3D, hardware-assisted synchronization, frame-blending, real-time geometry correction and support for up to six display devices per server.

Get in control… WATCHNET is a new web-based control and management platform for WATCHOUT shows. WATCHNET manages multiple systems, including power, lighting and other auxiliary functions in a WATCHOUT show.

Get connected… WATCHPAX 2 media player features built-in WATCHOUT, quad-core CPU, USB 3.0 and support for two outputs. WATCHPAX is a truly plug-and-play solution, small enough to mount on or behind displays.

See you at PLASA, stand F30, October 5-8, ExCel London, UK.



The long awaited WATCHNET showcontrol software, announced at ISE 2014, is released.
WATCHNET software is used for custom control, scheduling and managing Dataton WATCHOUT multi-display shows from external panels or computers. Each WATCHNET system requires a WATCHOUT 5 license key for operation.

Available for download now:
Online user guide available here.



The next generation of Dataton WATCHPAX media players offers the same neat footprint but with added power and performance. WATCHPAX II features dual Mini DisplayPort video outputs, doubling the number of displays you can run from a single unit.
WATCHPAX is a dedicated media player for WATCHOUT shows, an alternative to PCs in your rig. It is performance-optimized for use with WATCHOUT with built-in WATCHOUT software and license.
WATCHPAX gives you the power of WATCHOUT production tools without the hassle of fine-tuning computers or running long video cables. Plug in the WATCHPAX and you know you've got the right hardware for the job. No tweaking, no updating of graphics cards, less stress.

Feature list:
  • Full-feature WATCHOUT pre-installed – field upgrades
  • Includes WATCHOUT license
  • Audio sync with PICKUP
  • Hardware accelerated video playback (H.264)
  • Zero configuration – simple connections
  • Clean shut-down and power-up
  • 2-year warranty

Download product leaflet here.


Integrated Systems Europe 2014

In the Dataton booth at ISE the visitor had a preview of two new Dataton products that will be released later this year. Besides the wellknown WATCHPAX a dual channel version of WATCHPAX is announced.

Completely new is the WATCHNET showcontrol software that enables the easy control and management of installed WATCHOUT systems and peripherals through the use of smartphones, tablets, computers and touchscreens.


CUE 2014

The Watchout booth, presented by AVtrade and Mirage Associates at CUE 2014 in Rotterdam was well visited by professionals in theatre and staging. Four independant presentations, each showing different applications of Watchout, gave the visitors insight in the latest developments.


The biggest . . .

Standing over 15 meters tall and 60 meters wide, “The Big Picture” has the official Guinness World Records title for the “Largest High Definition Video Wall”. It is located inside the main lobby and entrance to Suntec Exhibition and Convention Centre in Singapore and consists of 664 LG LED displays containing 32051*7941 pixels. Playback is done with 21 WATCHOUT display servers, serving 84 full HD outputs.

More information on this installation is described (among others) in the trade magazines ProSystems, InAVate and Installation.



This version consists mostly of bug-fixes, along with a few minor enhancements:
  • A checkbox has been added to the Display settings dialog box, allowing the display to be disabled explicitly. While this could previously be accomplished by clearing the Computer field, using a separate checkbox makes this more obvious. While disabled, no red icon will be shown for this display in the stage window while online.
  • The Display Computer Protocol command timecodeMode has been enhanced to allow use of FILM (24 fps) timecode by setting the mode parameter to 6.


New WATCHOUT license key

Dataton is now shipping a new style of license key for WATCHOUT, compatible with versions from 5.5. The new key is both physically lighter and shorter (2 cm long) than its predecessors, but the big difference is that there is no longer any storage area on the USB. This avoids the risk of software viruses on the key.

The key will ship together with a product sheet saying where to download the latest version of WATCHOUT.


WATCHOUT version 5.5

WATCHOUT version 5.5 is now available for download and brings a number of new and significant features.

  • Dataton WATCHPAX™ is a small and stylish WATCHOUT player, ideal for fixed installations and other applications where ease of setup and configuration is of importance.
Hardware Assisted Synchronization
  • WATCHOUT now supports hardware synchronization for frame accurate rendering across multiple display computers using sync cards.
Frame Blending
  • WATCHOUT is typically set to render at a frame rate that works with the display devices at hand. This version of WATCHOUT introduces a new feature that harmonizes differences in frame rate by smoothly blending frames together rather than skipping/doubling frames in discrete steps. This results in smoother video playback.
Named Display Computers and Clusters
  • In addition to the old method of addressing display computers by IP number, you can now also address computers and entire clusters by name.
URL-based Images
  • In addition to loading images from a file on disk, or from the Dynamic Image Server added in WATCHOUT version 5, you may now also load an image from a URL.
New Windows
  • The new Network Window, accessible through the Window menu, lists all WATCHPAX units and other display computers seen on the local network.
  • The License Manager window, as featured in older versions of WATCHOUT, is back. It lists all license keys connected to the production computer as well as online display computers. Information is collected here for remote upgrades of WATCHOUT as future major versions become available.
New Commands
  • Stage > Manage Display Computer > Delete Other Shows deletes files from online display computers for all shows except the show that's currently open.
  • Stage > Manage Display Computer > Re-build Show Cache removes and re-creates all cached data associated with the currently open show.
Read the release notes for the full description.


Now in stock: The WATCHPAX™ dedicated media player for WATCHOUT

The WATCHPAX™ is an alternative to PCs in your WATCHOUT rig. Behind its compact and elegant exterior, there's built-in WATCHOUT software and optimized hardware. WATCHPAX gives you the power of WATCHOUT production tools without the hassle of fine-tuning computers or running long video cables. Just plug in the WATCHPAX and you know you've got the basic hardware for your WATCHOUT job. Ready to use out of the box, just create your show in WATCHOUT, connect one WATCHPAX per display source and you are good to go.


Dataton introduces WATCHPAX at ISE

At the recently held ISE tradeshow in Amsterdam Dataton introduced the WATCHPAX single channel WATCHOUT playback system with integrated license. Only 120x148x22 mm in size, equipped with mini Display Port and separate stereo audio and with a low power consumption, it also features hardware accelleration for H264 and MPG2 playback and remote upgrade facility. As it simple to attach close to a display this WATCHPAX player is a welcome addition to the present multichannel display computers in the installation and rental market.

Bart Kresa, who produced the Watchpax introduction show gives an impression of the Dataton booth at ISE2013.


Watchout Version 5.3.1

DATATON WATCHOUT VERSION 5.3.1 is now available for download.

This version of Dataton WATCHOUT™ brings a few new features like:
* WATCHOUT is now compatible with Windows 8.(Windows 7 is required for full functionality.)
* You can now control WATCHOUT display software using the WATCHOUT Remote App running under iOS 6.
* The global vanishing point set in Preferences can now be overridden in image cues, using the cue's anchor point as a local vanishing point instead. This is useful when you want to make images rotate in exactly the same way along X or Y axis regardless of where they're located on stage.

And there are bug fixes for incidental issues with masking, thumbnails, Photoshop CMYK files, MIDI Buffer Overflow error message, Datapath Vision RGB PRO capture and remote access error message.

Look at all the Watchout 5 release notes here.


Watchout Academy

During the first session of Watchout Academy Europe Fredrik Svahnberg from Dataton explains the system.


Watchout Academy

Friday october 5 at 9 o’clock the first session of Watchout Academy 'basic skills' will be held in Amsterdam. This session is aimed at WATCHOUT beginners and is also suitable for non-technicians like sales and marketing staff.

More training sessions will be planned later this year,. basic as well as advanced. As soon as dates are set they will be communicated here


Interview with Watchout system architect Mike Fahl

Click here to read the interview.



March 26-28th 2019

Antwerp, Belgium

On March 26, Mirage Associates and AVtrade, in collaboration with Dataton, organise a WATCHOUT Operator's Course in Belgium.

The WATCHOUT Certified User seminar on March 27 and 28 focuses on practical examples with hands-on programming and tasks. The instructors will provide step-by-step guidance; attendees are expected to bring their own laptops with WATCHOUT 6 installed and participate actively throughout the seminar. Attendees are awarded the title Certified User and a course diploma upon completion.

Museum Vakdagen

April 17-18th 2019


The fourth edition of the Museum Vakdagen, the professional trade fair for the Dutch and Flemish museum industry, will be organized on Wednesday 17 and Thursday 18 April 2019.

The Museum Vakdagen is again held in the Evoluon in Eindhoven. The Evoluon is a retro-futuristic design by Louis Kalff and Leo de Bever, which was built as a Philips museum. A highly appreciated location by the Museum Vakdagen visitor.


Integrated Systems Europe

Feruary 5-8 2019


The 16th edition of ISE, which takes place at the RAI Amsterdam, will be held on 5-8 februari 2019.

Join Dataton at Integrated Systems Europe, hall 12, booth E90 and check out the very latest.
Registration for the 2018 edition of Integrated Systems Europe is now open. don't forget to use the Dataton invite code for free entry to the show: 706353.



January 16-17th 2018

Ahoy Rotterdam

On January 16 and 17, in collaboration with Dataton and Mirage Associates, Avtrade organizes a Dataton Academy WATCHOUT training in Rotterdam.
For a thorough general overview of WATCHOUT's applications, usage and features, the Overview session will be held on Tuesday, January 16th, from 09:00 to 12:00.

Participation is free, but the number of participants is limited.

For users, such as designers and producers of shows, installation and deployment technicians, rental employees, etc., there is the hands-on Certified session on Tuesday, January 16, from 13:00 to 17:00 and Wednesday, January 17, from 09:00 to 16:00. As a basis for this training, it is assumed that the Overview session has been attended.
On the attachment you will find an overview of the day program of the Certified Training.
The Dataton Academy training has recently been certified by Infocomm International, a worldwide audiovisual industry organization.
Participation in the Certified training costs € 500 ex VAT and includes coffee / tea and lunch.
Registration Certified session.

The location is the meeting room Dock 1 in Rotterdam Ahoy, Ahoyweg 10, 3084 BA Rotterdam.

CUE 2018

January 15-17th 2018

Ahoy, Rotterdam

Visit us at CUE 2018, booth 411 and see all the latest developments concerning WATCHOUT.

Registration for the 2018 edition of the CUE tradeshow is now open.

Don’t forget to use the invitation code 181501 for free entry to the show.



June 27-28th 2016

Mediacollege Amsterdam

On June 27 and 28 AVtrade, in collaboration with Dataton, Mirage Associates and Media College Amsterdam, organizes two Dataton Academy training sessions.

The Dataton Academy Overview session will be held on Monday June 27 from 13: 00-16: 00 and is intended to familiarize you with the WATCHOUT multi-display system with all its strengths, its key features, applications and capabilities.
The overview also relates to the developments in the latest version of the software, thereby creating spectacular multi-display shows more easily than ever before. This Academy is provided by members of the Dataton team from Sweden in collaboration with AVtrade and Mirage Associates, Dataton Premium Partners in the Benelux and the UK.
The seminar is suitable for anyone in the AV industry that wants to know more about WATCHOUT or new ideas on how to use the software. No prior knowledge of WATCHOUT is needed. The class is held in English.

Important! Participation in this training is free of charge, but participants must register in advance because the number of seats is limited.

You can register online.

The Dataton Academy Certified Session will be held on Tuesday June 28 from 09:00-17:00. If you're already familiar with Dataton WATCHOUT and you want to increase your knowledge, update your skills or become a more proficient, certified WATCHOUT user, this is the training for you.
This WATCHOUT seminar focuses on practical examples and hands-on programming assignments. The instructors offer step-by-step guidance; participants are expected to bring their own laptop and actively participate in the entire seminar. Upon completion, participants receive a diploma and are awarded the title of Certified User.
The Academy is run by members of the Dataton team from Sweden in collaboration with Avtrade and Mirage Associates, the Dataton Premium Partners in the Benelux and the UK. The class is held in English.

To get the most benefit from this training, participants must have a reasonable knowledge of Dataton WATCHOUT or similar multi-display system. Each participant is expected to install a Windows laptop with them to bring the latest version WATCHOUT. It is strongly recommended that you participate in Overview session before being given to the certified course of the afternoon.

The course costs 850 euros per person, exclusive of VAT, payable in advance.
There is a discount for multiple attendees from the same company to attend the same session.
The price includes course documentation, coffee / tea, lunch. Hotel accommodation is not included.

You can register online.

Both courses are given at the Media College Amsterdam Contactweg 36, 1014 AN Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Prolight + Sound

april 5-8th 2016

Frankfurt am Main

Prolight + Sound is the international trade fair of technologies and services for entertainment, integrated systems and creation. The high level of internationality and the extensive spectrum of products and services are the key factors behind the success of this event.

Dataton will exhibit in hall 4 on stand B71. AVtrade will be present at the stand on 5+6 april.


Integrated Systems Europe

february 9-12th 2016

Amsterdam RAI Netherlands

The ISE event was launched in 2004 to fulfill the need for a pan-European forum for the emerging markets of professional AV and electronic systems integration. The show grew quickly to become the undisputed annual marketplace for these industries – a focus not only for doing business but also for networking, education and technological innovation

As in the past nine years, ISE 2016 will be held at the Amsterdam RAI, occupying every hall of this world-leading meeting and convention venue. The show will attract professionals from every link in the systems integration value-chain, including manufacturers, distributors, dealers, contractors and consultants. ISE also draws ever-growing numbers of end customers, from fields as diverse as education, sports, corporate facilities, hospitality, entertainment and live events

Join Dataton at Integrated Systems Europe, stand 11-F68, and get ready to check out the latest developments!  

Pre-register here with the Dataton invite code for free entry to the show: 706353.

CUE 2016

january 18-20th 2016


From 18 till 20 January Ahoy Rotterdam will host CUE2016. This biennial exhibition for events, installation and entertainment technology offers a comprehensive overview of the latest technical facilities for indoor and outdoor stage presentations. CUE is the premier event for technicians in the events and performing arts sectors to catch up and discuss new projects.

Dataton welcomes you at stand 411 en will be represented by AVtrade with assistance of Mirage Associates.

Showdays and opening hours
Monday January 18th 2016: 10:00 - 18:00
Tuesday January 19th 2016: 10:00 - 17:00
Wednesday January 20th 2016: 10:00 - 17:00

Do you want to stay up-to-date? Download the CUE app in the Play store (Android) or App Store (Apple/iOs), become a member of the Linked-in group or follow @CUE2016 on Twitter. 

Register here with the invitation code 1819201 for free admission.

PLASA 2015

October 4-6th 2015


From Sunday 4 until Tuesday 6 october PLASA London showcases a truly global mix of manufacturers, distributors, rental houses, production companies and service providers.
Dataton welcomes you on stand E50 en is represented by Mirage Associates, UK en ROI Premium Partner for Dataton, assisted by AVtrade, the Benelux Premium Partner for Dataton.

The location is ExCeL London, One Western Gateway Victoria Dock Rd, London, E16 1XL

Opening hours are:
Sunday 4 October: 10am - 6pm
Monday 5 October: 10am - 8pm
Tuesday 6 October: 10am - 4pm

Parallel to PLASA a WATCHOUT Academy is held.


September 23-24th 2015

Mediacollege Amsterdam

Dataton and AVtrade organise two WATCHOUT Academy training sessions in Amsterdam. These sessions are held in English.

WATCHOUT Academy: Overview
Date: Wednesday September 23, 13:00 to 16:00
Location: Mediacollege Amsterdam, Contactweg 36, 1014 AN Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Free afternoon session. Registration is required as seats are limited.
More information and registration.

WATCHOUT Academy: Certified
Date: Thursday September 24, 09:00 to 17:00
Location: Mediacollege Amsterdam, Contactweg 36, 1014 AN Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Cost: EUR 850 p/p
Certified one-day training session which focuses on practical examples with hands-on programming and active guidance from instructors. Maximum 10 attendees.
More information and registration.


August 26-27th 2015

Dataton headquarters in Linköping, Sweden

Dataton organises two WATCHOUT Academy training sessions at their headquarters. These sessions are held in English.

WATCHOUT Academy: Overview
Date: Wednesday August 26, 13:00 to 16:00
Location: Dataton, Linköping, Sweden
Free afternoon session. Registration is required as seats are limited.
Registration form and more info.

WATCHOUT Academy: Certified
Date: Thursday August 27, 09:00 to 17:00
Location: Dataton, Linköping, Sweden
Cost: EUR 850 p/p
Certified one-day training session which focuses on practical examples with hands-on programming and active guidance from instructors. Maximum 10 attendees.
Registration form and more info.


March 19th 2015

Mediacollege Amsterdam

The regular Watchout Academy training sessies have been suspended for a while as WATCHOUT version 6 is about to be released.

In anticipation of a new series Watchout Academy training sessions we have found Dataton willing to give as one-day training session in Amsterdam, which will deal with the existing version 5 as well as the new WATCHOUT 6 features.

If you want to participate, please let me know via email: as soon as possible? The day is free of charge, but the available seating space is limited.