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Dataton Watchout: Multi-display software

Dataton WATCHOUT multi-display production and playback system lets you orchestrate stills, animations, graphics, video, sound and live feeds in a single impressive show across multiple display areas, soft-edge or scattered. WATCHOUT is fully scalable, software-based and requires no proprietary hardware. Windows platform.
AVtrade is Watchout Premium Partner for the BeNeLux. As distributor, AVtrade works with specialised dealers, like system integrators, rental- and productioncompanies, to ensure an integrated approach of any project. This gives the user the best option to enjoy a longterm benefit from the media technology.

Watchout products


• fully scalable – use as many displays as you need
• Use LED walls, projectors and LCD displays
• Supports up to six outputs and multiple resolutions per mediaserver, dependant on hardware capabilities
• works on Ethernet network • works with standard hardware or WATCHPAX and WATCHMAX mediaservers with built-in WATCHOUT license

dataton watchout

WATCHOUT licence art. nr. 3150

Consists of a single USB license dongle. You need a license for each Watchout display computer and a license for the Watchout production computer. A license is also required for the Dynamic Image Server application and the WATCHNET webserver. If you only try the software without display computers, no license is required.

watchout dongle

WATCHOUT licence upgrade art. nr. 3152

A WATCHOUT version 5 dongle can be electronically upgraded to a version 6 dongle, where the new version is added but the existing version is still usable.

Online manual

On the Dataton website you’ll find the online manual and training movies.

Watchout academy

Watchout Academy training sessions are being given worldwide since the introduction of WATCHOUT version 6.

For general information on dates, cost and subscription have a look at

In company training of your staff.
Specially for rental companies where several people work with WATCHOUT presentations AVtrade offers the opportunity to train the staff in the building, adjusting and sometimes content tweaking of a WATCHOUT system and presentation. On site at your workshop, the practical part preferably with your own gear, this training is as consistent as possible with your company practice.

For more information please contact us.

Success stories

On the Dataton website you can find a wide selection of international Watchout projects. Surf to and click Watchout success stories.

Cave Experience Valkenburg

The AV Rental company Houben Souren is realising a unique Watchout project in the famous cave in Valkenburg.

An impression of the Cave Experience. Source


Commissioned by Art’Otel hotel Amsterdam, MVIE Audiovisuele Techniek, together with Hugo Janzen AV Projecten, installed an innovative projection system. Here, WATCHOUT feeds 16 projectors on 2 projection surfaces in the staircase of the recently renovated hotel. The projection surfaces, which the public can walk through, are made from silicone wires that show the projection on both sides. The interactive creative content is produced by Present Plus.


In the Railwaymuseum Hulskamp Audiovisueel installed a WATCHOUT system that was used to make the award winning attraction ‘the Fire Test’.

The gardens of Linnaeus

For the Depot Sculpture Gallery Stijn van der Loo realised the documentary “the gardens of Linnaeus; Hinkeloord and the Dreijen” about the Arboretum in Wageningen, the Netherlands. This movie is shown over three screens with the aid of a single WATCHOUT computer with surround sound for an intense experience.

The Great Journey

In a small realistic bus, sized to fit children, inside a real citybus, Judith Nab has created a 37 minute journey for a group of 30 small travellers. Watchout provides drawn and animated views in every direction from all around the world.


You can download the latest version of the Watchout software here. Fill in the form and you can download the installation file.
Or contact us and we'll send you the installation files for Watchout as well as for the appropriate Quicktime version.
If you’re looking for version Watchout 4.5.1, which is compatible with both Wibukey and Codemeter dongles, please contact us.

The latest version of the Watchout 5 manual can be found here.
The Watchout 6 manual is found here, online as well as in a downloadable PDF and ePUB file.
A user manual for WATCHPAX and WATCHPAX 2 can be downloaded here.
Instructions for optimum encoding for WATCHPAX can be downloaded here.

An overview of all keyboard shortcuts can be downloaded in .PDF or .PNG format.

On the Watchout forums users share technical tips.

The Watchout Systems manager package, which included Simple Remote, the more elaborate Watchout Remote and the Watchout Scheduler is no longer available. The iPhone app for controlling Watchout can be found in the AppStore.

If you are looking for Dataton software or utilities that aren’t mentioned here, please contact us.

Watchout partners

Current Watchout dealers are listed below:


Abbit Meeting Support

, Turnhout, +321-4448833

AED Display nv

, Willebroek, +323-8607663

Culture Crew bvba

, Leuven, +321-6369913

Create Live

, Gent, +329-3302290

Dypromat bvba

, Harelbeke, +325-6493468


,Wetteren, +329-2272452


, Hoboken, +323-7745806


, Brussel, +324-95546974

Phlippo Productions

, Lier, +323-4919170


, Tielt, +324-76712777


, Pulle, +323-4640022

WAVE Inside

, Esneux, +324-3835513

PRG Projects

, Oostende, +325-9339850

the Netherlands

ACS audiovisual solutions

, Amsterdam, +3120-6069340

AV Europe

, Goor, +31547-261331

AV Point

, Heerlen, +3145-5230606

Aventiq, Waalre

, +3140-2222694


, Breukelen, +31346-259259

Backline Audiovisual Projects

, Bergeijk, +31497-555052


, Groningen, +3150-5416591


, Meerkerk, +31183-359380

Beam Systems BV

, Amsterdam, +3120-4271010


, Groningen, +3150-5257777

De JongAV

, Giessenburg, +31184-659138

DTL Rental BV

, Tynaarlo, +31592-530920

Faber Audiovisuals

, Sint Annaparochie, +31518-401629

Focus Amsterdam

, +3120-6878600

Heuvelman Sound and Vision B.V.

p>, +31345-712900

Holiday Geluid

, Wierden, +31546-577001

HoubenSouren Verhuur

, Roermond, +31475-724700

Hugo Janzen AV Projecten

, Den Bosch, +3173-6140707

Jacot Audiovisueel

, Nieuw-Vennep, +31252-676004

Klaproos Culturele Evenementen

, Haastrecht, +31348-564255

Lagotronics Projects bv

, Venlo, +3177-3204381

Mansveld Expotech

, Eindhoven,  +3140-2591018

MTS Audiovisueel

, Zaandam, +3175-6121385


, 's-Hertogenbosch, +3173-6392600

Pro Systems International

, Purmerend, +31299-666900

R en D Communications

, Hoogwoud, +3122-6414000

Rapenburg Plaza

, Amsterdam, +3120-6206212

Studio Rats

, Boxtel, +31411-671660

Total Image

, Hengevelde, +31547-333688

Visual Hardware Services

, Amsterdam, +3120-6133855


Codex Events

Canach GD-Luxembourg, +352-26483333

Use this list to find a dealer to match your project. If you want to become dealer yourself, please contact us.