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WATCHPAX 20 mediaserver art. nr. 3363

The WATCHPAX20 is a solid-state two-channel mediaserver with integrated WATCHOUT multi-display software and license. WATCHPAX20 is connected via network to your WATCHOUT 6 production computer and is connected to the two respective displays / projectors via active mini DisplayPort adapters from the two mini DisplayPorts (Resolutions up to 4K @ 60).

dataton watchout watchpax

WATCHPAX 4 mediaserver art. nr. 3364

WATCHPAX 4 is a compact, four-channel mediaserver optimized for high performance with Dataton WATCHOUT multi-display software. WATCHPAX 4 comes complete with an integrated WATCHOUT license and features a high-performance specification designed solely with WATCHOUT® in mind.
WATCHPAX 4 has four DisplayPort outputs and supports 4K (UHD) playback, making it a powerful and portable alternative to display PCs in a multi-display setup.
WATCHPAX 4 is a locked-down unit, preconfigured for playback of WATCHOUT shows – ready to be used straight out-of-the-box. Multiple units can be installed together or mixed with Dataton’s other display servers WATCHMAX or WATCHPAX 2.
With its compact footprint, WATCHPAX 4 is easy to transport. Other practical details include a handle, rubber bumpers and Kensington security slot. Two units may also be mounted together and installed in a 19 inch rack.

dataton watchout watchpax

WATCHPAX 60 mediaserver art. nr. 3368

The WATCHPAX 60 is a powerful 2HE four-channel media server with 4x uncompressed 4k reproduction, equipped with ultra-fast and robust 1.9 TB SSD, optimized for high performance with WATCHOUT multi-display software and with an integrated WATCHOUT license.
WATCHPAX 60 is available in 3 versions. Version A has four DisplayPort outputs, version B adds hardware synchronization.
Version C will be released later this year and has, in addition to four DisplayPort outputs, eight bi-directional SDI ports. WATCHPAX 60 is configured to display WATCHOUT shows, ready to be used directly out of the box.

dataton watchout watchpax

WATCHMAX art. no. 3369

Dataton WATCHMAX is a powerful quad-output media server for high-impact WATCHOUT shows. WATCHMAX has a built-in WATCHOUT license and the matt black steel chassis includes a powerful server designed for optimal performance in your WATCHOUT system. Use the power of WATCHOUT with a minimum of hardware concerns. The WATCHMAX heavy-duty servers are supplied with the latest version of WATCHOUT installed ready for use. The basic WATCHMAX model has four outputs and can be expanded with additional capture cards, sync card, RAID kit and robust transport case. WATCHMAX is designed to fit in a 19-inch rack.

dataton watchout watchmax

WATCHPAX 2 mediaplayerend of life 2018

The WATCHPAX2 is a two-channel solid-state media player with integrated WATCHOUT multi-display software, including WATCHOUT 6 license. WATCHPAX2 is connected via network to your WATCHOUT 6 production computer and is connected from the two mini DisplayPort (Resolutions to WUXGA @ 60) via appropriate adapters or cables to the two respective displays / projectors.

dataton watchout watchpax

other hardware

watchout hardware illustration

mediaservers for WATCHOUT

NWMS serie
Robust powerful rackmount computer, composed and built from high quality components and adapted for optimal performance as a Watchout media server. Available as standard with a professional graphics card with 4 or 6 DisplayPort outputs. Comes with active adapters for single-link DVI-D, HDMI or VGA. Standard configurations that can be fully adapted to user requirements. Especially for use with seamless LED and video walls or studio applications, the professional graphics card can be combined with a framelock / genlock synchronization module. Other add-on's are a RAID controller with multiple SSDs and capture cards for HDMI, DVI / RGB or SDI inputs.

Peripheral equipment

DATAPATH offers a wide spectrum of capture cards for RGB / DVI / HDMI and / or SDI / CVBS, from a single version to models with four inputs. For the compact WATCHPAX media players, the capture of RGB / DVI / HDMI and / or SDI / CVBS is available as external USB3 dongle. For the compact WATCHPAX media players, an external 24-bit USB audio interface with 8 separate analog output channels is also available.
watchout hardware illustration