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WATCHPAX 42 is a compact, four-channel mediaserver optimized for high performance with Dataton WATCHOUT multi-display software. WATCHPAX 42 comes complete with an internal WATCHOUT license, an integrated recovery function and features a high-performance specification designed solely with WATCHOUT® in mind.
WATCHPAX 42 has four DisplayPort outputs with EDID management and supports 4K (UHD) playback, making it a powerful and portable alternative to display PCs in a multi-display setup.
WATCHPAX 42 is a locked-down unit, preconfigured for playback of WATCHOUT shows – ready to be used straight out-of-the-box. Multiple units can be installed together or mixed with Dataton’s WATCHMAX or WATCHPAX servers.
With its compact footprint, WATCHPAX 42 is easy to transport. Other practical details include a handle, rubber bumpers and Kensington security slot. Two units may also be mounted together and installed in a 19 inch rack.
dataton watchout watchpax

WATCHPAX 62S mediaserverart. nr. 3368S

The WATCHPAX 62S is a powerful 2U four-channel media server with four DisplayPort outputs, 1,9 TB SSD but without built in capture and audio connections.

WATCHPAX 62 mediaserver art. no. 3368

The WATCHPAX 62 is a powerful 2U four-channel media server series with 4x uncompressed 4k display, equipped with an ultra-fast and robust 3.8 TB SSD, optimized for high performance with WATCHOUT software and with an integrated WATCHOUT license and equipped with an integrated recovery system.
The WATCHPAX 62 is available in 3 versions.
The WATCHPAX 62A has four DisplayPort outputs, as well as a dual HDMI capture input and an 8 channel audio card. WATCHPAX 62B adds hardware synchronization to that.
The top-of-the-range WATCHPAX 62C (from Watchout version 6.7.2) features eight bi-directional SDI ports in addition to four DisplayPort outputs, creating a maximum 12-channel WATCHOUT server.
WATCHPAX servers are configured to display WATCHOUT shows, ready to be used out of the box.